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Credit Intermediation

What Is It?
What Is Its Purpose?

Since January 1, 2018, credit intermediation is an activity regulated by the Bank of Portugal under the terms set out in the Decree-Law 81-C/2017 of July 7, 2017. The changes that this new legal framework has brought about are various.

Credit intermediation needs to be authorized by and registered in the Bank of Portugal.

Only certified entities can have access to clients’ personal information as well as advise them about financial and credit products.

Below, we detail the responsibilities of credit intermediaries:

  • Present and propose credit solutions to clients.
  • Support clients in the process of preparing credit contracts.
  • Offer consulting services by recommending tailored credit contracts.
  • Cannot grant credit.
  • Cannot receive or provide funds that relate to the credit contracts.
  • Cannot commercialize other financial products and services, including deposits or payment services.
Arte nova Aprova

Aprova-Intermediação de Crédito, Unipessoal, Lda offers credit intermediation and consulting services.

We are a credit intermediation firm, which currently partners, without exclusivity, with the following lending credit institutions: NOVO BANCO, SA; UCI, UNION DE CRÉDITOS INMOBILIÁRIOS, S.A. –SUCURSAL EM PORTUGAL; BANCO BPI, SA; BANKINTER, SA – SUCURSAL EM PORTUGAL; BNI– BANCO DE NEGÓCIOS INTERNACIONAL (EUROPA), SA; CGD – CAIXA GERAL DE DEPÓSITOS,SA; BANCO CTT, SA; BANCO BIC PORTUGUÊS, ABANCA, SA. Aprova- Intermediação de Crédito, Unipessoal, Lda is certified by the Bank of Portugal, under the legal framework ruling credit intermediaries, with the number 0002970 to provide the following services: presenting or offering credit contracts to consumers; supporting clients in the process of preparing credit contracts or other aspects of pre-contractual dealings of credit contracts that have not been presented or offered by Aprova.

The credit contracts covered are mortgage credit and consumer credit.

Indemnity insurance:

  • Mortgage credit | Companhia de Seguros Allianz Portugal, SA |Policy 205966719 | Expiration date: 25/10/2023;
  • Consumer credit | Companhia de Seguros Allianz Portugal, SA |Policy 205966736 | Expiration date: 22/10/2023

For any matter related to credit intermediation, please contact João Miguel Paiva, manager, at

Credit intermediation is supervised by the Bank of Portugal.

Any complaint regarding credit intermediation services shall describe the situation and details of the complaint and shall be submitted by email to or in person at Praça Engenheiro José Vaz Guedes, Loja 4C. Urbanização Malvarosa 2615-399 Alverca do Ribatejo,or by registered post to the same address.

Complaints can also be submitted directly to the Bank of Portugal. For information on submission instructions and contacts, please visit Clients can also opt for means of alternative settlement of disputes by appealing to CACCL and CAUAL, both headquartered in Lisbon, where they can submit their complaints in order to prevent conflicts with this credit intermediary.

CACCL – Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo

CAUAL – Centro de Arbitragem da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

As a licensed credit intermediary, we are prohibited from receiving or providing any funds related to the creation, execution and early fulfilment of credit contracts as set forth in article number 46 of the Decree-Law number 74-A/2017 of June 23 and in the Decree-Law number 133/2009 of June 2. In the exercise of their duties, the credit intermediaries that are licensed and certified by the Bank of Portugal shall comply with the rulings of the Decree-Law number 81-C/2017 of July 7, of the Bank of Portugal Notice number 6/2017 and other legal and regulating precepts.

Regarding the intermediation of home loan contracts, the existence and amount of commissions or other incentives to be paid by the lender to the credit intermediary, such information will be provided in the European Standardized Information Sheet (FINE) provided for in the legislation applicable to that type of credit agreements.

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National Association of authorized credit intermediators

National Association of authorized credit intermediators

We are a partner company of ANICA.

National Association of authorized credit intermediators