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Home Credit Transfer

Are you overpaying for your current credit?

Transferência Crédito Habitação
With our home credit transfer service,
you will be able to:
  • Reduce your current spread.
  • Reduce the amounts paid for compulsory credit insurance.
  • Change the contract’s period of duration.
  • Reduce interest.
  • Negotiate with different banks.
  • Avoid bureaucracy (we take care of everything)
  • Enjoy a free mortgage transfer service.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions and find answers with us.

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Aprova’s Simulator

Very soon we will have a simulator where you can obtain all the estimated values in your mortgage.

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Contact us at or call 930402618.

Send us the Documentation

Send us the documents we will need to evaluate your process.

Tempo transferência de Crédito Habitação
Wait for our Contact

Wait while we contact different banks and negotiate the best conditions.

Best solution

Choose the best option for you.

Required documents:



  • Identification Card;
  • Previous IRS declaration and respective notice of settlement;
  • Last three pay slips;
  • Last three bank statements;
  • Copy of the deed;
  • Employer declaration of professional relationship and start date of said relationship;
  • CRC (Central de Responsabilidade de Crédito do Banco de Portugal) with tax department code;
  • Residence proof
  • Further documentation might be requested by the bank during the approval process.
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